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The Facts.

Global food demand continues to escalate.  Australia is recognised internationally as a premium food producer and supplier.  Australia exports over 80% of its’ total agricultural production.  Australia is the first choice in food security investment globally.

Australia’s sustained growth in agriculture, transparent business and regulatory systems, political stability and sound governance provides a safe and low-risk environment to do business and to successfully invest in agriculture.

Australian agriculture is the World’s most efficient.  Australian farm businesses adopt the latest technology and innovation.  Low labour input, large farm areas, and modern practices help to ensure that the costs of production are amongst the lowest globally.  With efficient transportation and logistics, high handling efficiencies means that commodities can be exported globally at relatively low costs.

Profitable returns from agriculture, significant capacity for increased production, and highly efficient production systems makes the decision to invest in Australian agriculture a simple choice.

International Food Security Investment Services is your long term partner and gateway for helping you to achieve business and investment success in Australian agriculture.

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What we do

International Food Security Investment Services specialises in agricultural investment and production.  We focus on what we know, we do it well and we don’t get distracted. We have practical experience and expertise, we live and we know Australian agribusiness.

International Food Security Investment Services is at your service.  We provide a wide range of services:

  • Develop investment strategies for the grains, red meat and horticultural industry sectors.
  • Identify innovative investment opportunities across supply chains, from production through to processing and distribution businesses.
  • Undertake independent feasibility studies, market research and local and global market opportunity assessment.
  • Facilitate brokering and transactional services for asset purchase.
  • Provide professional asset management, including strategic and business planning services, farm enterprise planning and operations, personnel recruitment, domestic and export market assessment.
  • Assist our clients in achieving food security outcomes through achieving guaranteed supply of commodities through innovative solutions, export market development and logistics.
  • Achieve practical outcomes for our customers that aim to achieve long-term success for both the investor and for Australian agriculture.

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First steps.

Our clients invest for different reasons.  All want the best and most consistent returns both from the agricultural production activities and longer term capital gain.  Others have strong food security objectives, they want to establish long term supply contracts and/or dedicated supply chains.  We bring these objectives to reality.

Our role is to guide our clients in the placement of funds into farm assets that are suitable for producing specific commodities, usually within targeted regions of Australia. By working with our clients, we identify and prioritise specific areas for investment, according to the investment objectives and required outputs.

Whatever the type of property, crops or livestock our clients wish to invest in, we help them to identify quality farmland opportunities that meet the investment objectives.  We do this a timely, confidential and fee effective manner.

We are well experienced in sourcing highly productive agricultural enterprises from across Australia, and we are well placed to help you achieve your investment objectives.  Opportunities to invest in a wide range of enterprises are available, and include cropping (wheat, barley, pulse crops, oilseeds), fodder, livestock (beef, sheep, dairy) and horticulture (olives, vineyards, citrus, fruit trees, vegetables), across all rainfall zones and irrigated production systems.

We can facilitate individual investments under a lease or finance for food model, with an entry investment level from US$1.0 M through to large scale aggregated property in excess of US$100M.  We offer clients a vast range of different land property and farming options and are able to search and find special farming ventures to meet specific criteria.

Key questions we assist with, usually prior to our investor clients making informed decisions, include:

  • The preferred sectors in which to invest such as cropping, grazing, irrigated crops;
  • The preferred farm structure, for example a single large property or several smaller properties;
  • Management of the farm business (be it ‘hands on’, through a secondary party or lease-back operations).

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