Managing Farm Assets and Production

International Food Security Investment Services in conjunction with professional partners provide professional management services for investors.

We provide a practical ‘hands on’ approach to managing the agricultural assets.  Our practical experience and understanding of production agriculture at the ‘grass roots level’ will help to ensure that the investor can feel confident that the assets are being managed properly.

There are a range of options available to the investor, where our team can provide a ‘hands on’ day to day management of assets, oversee an appointed management team, or provide an independent monthly or annual reporting assessment of the specific agricultural assets concerned.

In all situations we will provide you with the right skills and information to help ensure that the assets are being properly managed.  We are driven by the desire to maximise performance of the asset, often with our remuneration fees linked to the performance of the farm business through a profit sharing agreement.

Business and Enterprise Planning

Our business and enterprise planning services will ensure that assets are managed to their maximum economic capacity.  Our services include business plan development, including setting business vision and objectives, production goals (short, medium and long term), whole farm enterprise planning, return on investment, international rates of return, future expansion visions for business growth.

Our services include;

  • Operational strategy planning and annual plans for each farm enterprise, including farm inputs, rotational planning, provision of professional agronomic and livestock technical advisory services.
  • Production budgets, including specific targets, cost monitoring tools and reporting, farm enterprise monitoring, benchmarking, recording and book keeping services.
  • Farm machinery investment analysis, identifying most economic models (purchase versus lease), machinery selection
  • Commodity marketing and supply contracts, storage, handling, freight and logistics.
  • Human resource management, including appointment of managers, operational staff, seasonal labour and contractors, property leases and overall property management