Sourcing Land and Assets

Responsible for sourcing and short listing suitable properties, assisting the client with final property selection, provision of detailed physical and financial due diligence, purchase negotiations for the property and sourcing,

Working solely in the rural land sector, we have the knowledge and the relationships that will assist us to identify prime investment opportunities that will produce sound returns for our clients. The ability to identify value in any individual property and then conduct a thorough and rigorous due-diligence processes are what sets us apart from others. Essential due-diligence services we provide include;

  • Physical Property Inspection and detailed Property Report; includes examination of the property and its’ infrastructure and fixed assets. Appraisal of farm machinery, irrigation facilities, and provide an estimate on future expenditure that may be required on the property. The preparation of a detailed property report that includes mapping of the property to determine true arable area and property boundaries, environmental surveys and notation and soil testing to examine soil fertility, nutritional status and impediments to crop and fodder production.
  • Production and Financial Analysis based on historical production data, and likely future investment returns. Analysis of future opportunities and changes in the management of the land resources, selection of specific livestock and cropping enterprises to maximise profitability.
  • Valuation, Title Search and Legal Due Diligence; includes facilitating a sworn valuation of the property by licenced valuation groups. The legal due diligence relates to examination of current ownership, granting of water licences and allocations, identification of any encumbrances on the property, and other financial interests in the property (for example from lending institutions)

We carefully investigate all aspects of potential land purchases and shortlist preferred properties before presenting our recommendation to prospective clients. We know what to look for and you can be assured that by using our services you save considerable risk and cost.

Due Diligence

International Food Security Services are the experts when it comes to undertaking due diligence assessments of agricultural opportunities.  Our objective is to assist our clients in making informed decisions based on assessing investment and production risk and ensuring that the opportunity satisfies our client’s objectives.


Production Risk Assessments

Production risks are associated with any business that is associated with agriculture, no matter where the location is or the country concerned.  Being aware of, and understanding the specific risks is critical to production and business success.

As part of assessing the viability of entering into any business in agriculture, undertaking a risk assessment is critical.  We provide comprehensive analysis and reports that focus on assessing and identifying the risks, determining the impact of the risks on the productivity and profitability of the business, and importantly assess how these risks can be reduced or avoided.

Importantly, we provide an independent assessment, and we are objective in our identification and analysis.  We consider all risks, not just production related, but also consider commodity price risks and sensitivities, environmental and business management risks.

Our risk assessments will help you to make informed decisions in relation to the specific opportunity under consideration, and importantly provide you with an insight into how best the assets and production systems can be best managed.

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Pre-feasibility Studies

Our pre-feasibility studies build on the production risk assessments, and provide a whole of business or enterprise assessment of the specific agricultural land and assets that are of interest to our clients.  We consider in detail how feasible the intended agricultural production system and related business is.

We ask the critical questions, we look at the past history and production potential of the land (and assets), and we compare this information against established farm business benchmarks.

We undertake simple yet effective analysis, that may include gross margin analysis, costs of production, carrying capacity for livestock, crop yield potential, potential yield achieved, returns on investment and so on.  We then look at your business objectives.

We ask the difficult questions, such as will the particular opportunity targeted satisfy the investment objectives?  or are we simply wasting our time considering this particular opportunity?

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Compliance and Governance

Knowing and understanding regulations and law relating to investing in Australian agriculture, operating businesses and managing agricultural assets is often complex.  We have an excellent understanding of the ‘rules of the game’, our team includes registered investment advisers and real estate agents, ensuring that the investment process factors in all of the investor’s legal obligations.  Outside of our prescribed areas of expertise, we can and can assist you in seeking the right sort of compliance and legal matters.

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Purchase Negotiations

For clients looking to acquire Australian agricultural properties the clients will benefit from our team’s outstanding knowledge of farmland property and its true value. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately determine a fair purchase value for any property and this is strengthened with our use of government data on recent property sales.

Our negotiation skills are directed at obtaining the best deal for our client. Our standing in the agricultural community is such that we can guarantee that we will negotiate a better purchase price for a property than direct negotiations. So in almost every case, the reduced purchase value we achieve more than covers all of our service fees.

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Sourcing Commodities

We can assist in the sourcing of agriculture commodities for either short or long term supply contracts.  We have long term relationships with the major suppliers and producers of commodities.  Commodities include:

  • Grains: wheat, barley (feed and malting grades), corn, sorghum, pulses and oilseeds
  • Base Milk Powder (in bulk packaging with export assurances to China)
  • Fodder: alfalfa, oaten hay, meadow hay, cereal straw
  • Red Meat: beef, lamb, mutton, goat and camel
  • Horticulture products
  • Quality Table Wine (bottled and bulk wine supply)

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