The Opportunity – investing in prime lamb and sheep meat production, processing and export

This project owner seeks to raise funds for a 90% shareholding in a sheep meat enterprise using; advanced genetics, livestock husbandry and farming techniques, and meat processing to turn off at least 200,000 lambs per year for wholesale and retail customers or for export to China and  the Middle East.

Business Structure

A privately owned company, partially vertically integrated sheep meat production, covering production, processing, marketing and export.


A significant geographical foot print, ensuring continuity of supply and management of production risks.  Farming properties extend from western Victoria, through the renowned Riverina and Murrumbidgee irrigation districts, through to the northern New South Wales-Queensland Border areas.

Production Characteristics

  • Farming enterprise producing 200,000 lambs per year, and utilising a closed flock structure with an own-bred stud, commercial breeding flock, and lamb finishing feedlo
  • On-farm grain production.
  • Livestock slaughtered on contract to a local slaughterhouse, with marketing rights of the meat retained by the business.

Further Information

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