The Opportunity

This specialised grain production property is a significant grain producer, currently producing 25,000 tonnes of grain per annum, with ambitious plans to quadruple production within the next 5 year period to in excess of 100,000 tonnes.

The Ceres Agriculture project is a development project with the specific aim to assemble and manage a cereal, grain legume and oilseed production enterprise in a high reliable grain growing region in Australia. Markets targeted include both domestic and international export, according to the priorities and needs of the new owners.

The property portfolio includes both dryland (rain-fed) and irrigated grain producing properties, with the opportunity to also include valuable beef and prime lamb production enterprises if so desired.

The Vision

This investment opportunity provides the investor/s with the opportunity to share in the vision of becoming a major grain producer in southern Australia, with the real opportunity of establishing dedicated grain supply chains into Asia, the Middle East and further afield.

Located in the highly productive region of the Riverina district of southern NSW, grain production includes wheat, barely, irrigated rice, oilseeds, pulse crops and other food crops.  A strategic plan to acquire property over a planned 5 year time frame will see the total holding of in excess of 25,000 hectares of some of Australia’s most productive grain producing fertile land.  This will include a balance of both irrigated and dryland farming property.

Land Holdings

This initial aggregation of some 10,000 hectares is capable of producing approximately 25,000 tonnes of wheat, allowing for suitable crop rotations to maximise production, as well as the integration of livestock enterprises as a minor but potentially larger contributor to production and profitability.

Additional farms will be purchased over the succeeding 5 year period will provide a productive capacity up to 100,000 tonne per annum.  These farms will be selected based on the efficiencies and synergies afforded by operating them in conjunction with nucleus properties.

The farms identified are characterised by:

  • Ideal location in terms of markets, agri-processing, support industries and labour
  • Massive catchment to harvest overland and high-flow water
  • Quality development and infrastructure
  • Outstanding soil quality; suited to flood and spray irrigation and dryland cropping
  • A history of producing high yields of quality wheat, rice, canola, sorghum, corn, and soybeans

The development of additional water harvesting and storage infrastructure and the installation of a series of lateral move irrigators will improve the production capacity and enhance water use efficiency and security.

The farms are close to road and rail infrastructure and are ideally placed for the development of storage and handling facilities for the export of grain and other commodities to the investors’ home markets.

Further Information

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