Chinese-Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX)

Australia  China  Equity  Exchange  Pty  Ltd, Holds a mandate from China Beijing Equity Exchange (“CBEX”) to identify suitable business partners on their behalf related to investment opportunities associated with projects related to agriculture, commodity products (protein and grain), resource commodities and natural resources in both Australia and New Zealand.

Arion Legal

Arion Legal is a specialist corporate and commercial law firm with a focus on providing innovative, commercial and cost effective legal services. Arion Legal is based in Adelaide, Australia and has an associated office in Vientiane, Lao PDR which provides legal services to a broad range of clients from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.   Arion Legal also has strategic partnerships with law firms in China and Europe.

Arion Legal provides legal services in the following practice areas: corporate and commercial, agribusiness, energy and resources, equity capital markets, corporate & commercial disputes and foreign investment.

Arion Legal is also part of wider cross-disciplinary group which includes its associated company, Arion Consulting Group (ACG). ACG is an independent professional advisory firm specialising in corporate advisory and business strategy advice. ACG advises clients on asset acquisitions and divestments, corporate services, foreign investment facilitation, native title and mining tenement management and geological services/mapping.