International Food Security Services brings together a combined international force in Agricultural Food Production Planning, Investment and Management know-how.  We understand the Australian agribusiness production and supply chain market.

Our philosophy is to seek out, identify and develop good value opportunities that offer the potential for growth, guaranteed long term supply and profitability.

Investing in opportunities is just the beginning, we offer long-term management and support of the assets as part of building enduring partnerships with our clients.

The Team

International Food Security Services Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company with significant experience in the hands-on management of agricultural businesses. IFFS’ founding shareholders and Directors include Mr Don Bruce and Dr Sean Miller.

The IFSS team will perform significant roles in the business including, strategy direction and Implementation, financial direction and governance (including financial acquittal and reporting), risk management, and day-to-day operational supervision. The skills, experience and roles of each of the team members are described below.


Mr Don Bruce

Don Pic

Skills and Experience

Mr Don Bruce has more than 35 years’ experience in developing agribusiness and mining opportunities in Australia, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. Don’s expertise lies in structuring and negotiating corporate deals for strategic business investors, and identifying and bringing together major agricultural production and processing assets in Australia that provide a ‘whole of supply chain approach’ to securing long term production and supply.
Having come from a farming background in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria, Mr Bruce has maintained a long association with the family farm at Lake Mundi, and also a dairy farm at Currency creek. His time on the land has given him real time hands on experience in sheep, beef cattle and dairy industries, with his upbringing on the Lake Mundi property providing a rounded training in the complete farm business management cycle; from shearing to financial management.

Executive Roles
Over the past three decades Mr Bruce has also performed key management and planning roles in the logistics sector, including serving as an Executive in Skyroad Air Cargo, and Cargo Manager of Australian Airlines Air Cargo (Qantas). He has served as a consultant to the Trade Practices Commission through the Federal Government inquiry into freight operations in Australia, and consulted in dispute resolution for a number of high profile Australians and Australian companies.
Recently, Mr Bruce initiated the development and establishment of Arabian Gulf Pearls DMCC; an interactive pearl farm/ retail/ tourism hub in Dubai, and he is currently the Chairman of the Australia China Equity Exchange Pty Ltd and holds an investment mandate from the China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX).

Role in the Business
Don will play a significant, ‘hands-on’ role at both the Board (Strategy and Governance) level and day to day Operational (Enterprise Strategy and Execution) levels. In particular, Don understands the risks associated with agri-investments, bringing an unparalleled experience in managing major business operations in Australia. He has an extensive land-ownership network that will be drawn upon during property identification and procurement, and his considerable practical experience with livestock, logistics, domestic and international marketing, and executive business management will assist in ensuring that the business achieves the highest standards.


Dr Sean Miller BAgSc (Hons), PhD, MAIA

Sean Miller

Skills and Experience

With 27 years of experience in professional agriculture, Dr Sean Miller has specialist skills in;
• Farm management (both as a farm owner and advisor);
• Sheep and cattle management, nutrition, production, and health;
• Livestock feed, forage and pasture production and management, and;
• International farm business planning and analysis.

Dr Miller is recognised internationally for his specialist livestock development and market chain analysis skills, and has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship in support of his international cattle industry development and supply chain activities. Dr Miller has extensive international experience working with the most senior levels of Government, with national financial organisations, commercial investors, and on-ground managers of practical livestock farming systems. His experience and understanding of the livestock and animal feed sectors, coordinated livestock industry development, dairy and beef cattle, and sheep production, reproduction and artificial breeding, livestock identification, and livestock business planning has been developed over a wide range of environments and geographies.

International Expertise
Dr Miller has been actively involved in international agricultural development throughout his career, and his experience extends across countries and regions including Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, Syria, Iraq, West Africa, and the Americas.
As a founding partner of the consultancy business International Agriculture for Development – Global Food Security, Dr Miller remains active as an Agribusiness Consultant to the commercial, international marketplace; developing agricultural opportunities for global food security outcomes, and adoption of best practice at the technical and business levels of farm enterprises.

International Livestock Industry Development
Over the past 20 years, Dr Miller has been heavily involved with the planning, development and management of new cattle and sheep enterprises in countries as diverse as the Falkland Islands, Russia, and Kazakhstan. With two decades of hands-on management experience with beef cattle and sheep, including owning and operating a mixed livestock property in Australia, and long term involvement in the industry as a farm management adviser, Sean has a detailed knowledge and experience in farm management practices, including business financial success.
Recently, Dr Miller developed the financial and technical operational plans for Russia’s Miratorg JSC’s 130,000 head, vertically integrated beef cattle business, and Sever Agro’s 8,000 head business in Kazakhstan. Sean’s expertise was recently utilised by Meat and Livestock Australia to write the technical manual Beef Cattle Management for Cattle in Cold Winter Climates.

Role in the Business
Dr Miller will play a significant, ‘hands-on’ role at both the Board (Strategy and Governance) and day to day Operational (Enterprise Strategy and Execution) levels. Utilising his significant practical experience in hands-on management of livestock enterprises, and high level strategic planning and livestock value chain development skills, Dr Miller is a significant asset for the business in ensuring that the operational strategy is implemented efficiently and profitably.


Our Profile

International Food Security Services brings together a combined international force in Agricultural Food Production Planning, Investment and Management know-how.

Major international agribusiness investors and sovereign funds have benefited from our technical and strategic planning expertise.  Our global foot print captures all of the major global markets and agricultural production zones and investment destinations.  Our expertise and capabilities have grown out of our alliances, being Australia China Equity Exchange (ACEX) in association with CBEX (Chinese Beijing Equity Exchange), International Agriculture for Development.


Australia  China  Equity  Exchange  Pty  Ltd, Holds a mandate from China Beijing Equity Exchange (“CBEX”) to identify suitable business partners on their behalf related to investment opportunities associated with projects related to agriculture, commodity products (protein and grain), resource commodities and natural resources in both Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Don Bruce

Don is the architect for identifying and bringing together major agricultural production and processing assets in Australia, that provide a ‘whole of supply chain approach’ to securing long term production and supply.  Don understands the risks associated with agri-investments, bringing to the team unparalleled experience in managing major business operations in Australia.  Don has many years of experience in working with international investors in the food and mineral resources industries, as well as the development of international trading platforms and commodity trading businesses.

Mr Wence Sulda

Wence Sulda is a technology expert who has been directly responsible for the development of complex and commercially successful software, primarily in the oil & gas sector for over 30 years. He has formal qualifications in mathematics, computer science, investment and finance. He is sought after as a lead business consultant in a diverse range of different industries and applies formal risk management principals to business processes and investment decisions.

International Agriculture

International Agriculture provides independent agricultural production business planning and technical advice to clients, an important step in undertaking technical due diligence and risk assessment.  Our major clients include sovereign funds, agribusiness investors and agricultural investors who share with us big visions for major agricultural production growth and business success.

Dr Sean Miller

Dr Sean Miller is recognised internationally for his skills in commercial livestock production and market chain development.  With experience in undertaking feasibility and livestock investment planning services across Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and as far afield as the Falkland Islands, Dr Miller is recognised internationally as being the lead expert on major livestock project development.  Dr Miller’s vast experience has resulted in him acquiring a unique set of skills and capabilities critical to designing effective investments in livestock production, in addition to developing integrated supply chains and whole of country livestock and red meat food security strategies.

We can also identify and develop new opportunities that meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients, due to our wide agribusiness networks and contacts across Australia.

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Our Approach

Building a business in agricultural production for the purpose of achieving food security is complex and often complicated.  We provide a complete consulting service that covers the Planning, Investment support and Management of the enterprises.

We provide a ‘one stop shop’ to our clients, based on three simple steps aimed at creating opportunities for maximizing production, supply and profitability.  These are Planning, Investment Support, and Management of the Asset.


We examine in depth opportunities for investment at all points along the supply chain. Adopting a supply chain approach provides an integrated approach to building reliability and consistency in supply, as well as optimising increased business efficiencies and value adding opportunities.

We identify and develop opportunities that have the potential for significant growth and returns for our clients, either under-performing assets, or assets where the potential is not fully realised or capitalised upon.

Investment Support

Through our extended network, assistance in the investment process is provided by registered representatives according to the stringent regulations as required by State Government Real Estate related legislation.

Management of the Asset

Our consultancy services include the provision of detailed feasibility studies, so that risks can be identified, and strategies developed that capture emerging market opportunities.  Our services assist our clients to potentially build profitable high growth supply chains, extending from on-farm production through to processing, market development and export.  We can provide ‘hands on’ management of assets, including identifying suitable expertise to fulfill critical roles in the production and supply chain logistics.

We are commercially driven, complemented by strategic, analytical and agricultural development skill bases that ensure opportunities for business success and importantly long term growth and guaranteed food security through dedicated supply chains can be optimised.

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Our Skills

Our team of skilled internationally recognised consultants offer all of the necessary capabilities and expertise required to secure and manage sound agricultural processing and marketing businesses along the commodity supply chains, as part of building long-term relationships.

We are creative and innovative in our approach to securing long-term solutions to stable agricultural production and food security.

We think outside of the square and aim to capture market opportunities that are creative, highly profitable and far exceed the long-term returns from other business opportunities available in the marketplace.

Our skills and expertise will ensure that:

  1. We identify and develop tailored supply chain according to our clients’ most important needs and goals
  2. We identify and opportunities for our clients that provide a balance between managing risk at all stages along the supply chain and ensuring leverage for sustained growth and future expansion
  3. Assist in facilitating all negotiations in the acquisition of key assets and resources, bringing together all of the necessary services required to ensure smooth business, financial and legal transactions, including satisfying all government requirements associated with foreign investment
  4. Ensure that the assets and businesses that comprise the investments are properly managed in the long term, from farm to market at all points along the supply chain.

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